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New Profile Posts

  1. code1993
    code1993 Martin
    race leader Zhuy
    Left consul RevelatioN
    Left strike KJM
    Left deff MazingerZ
    Left supp nexallus

    TY gm
    10:27 PM
  2. lordjomz
    nkkggl n mg farm
  3. lordjomz
    2 month left
  4. lordjomz
    ganun pa ka tgal mg up
  5. lordjomz
  6. lorenzo1234
    lorenzo1234 Martin
    Good day again sir GM we have still one slot for ACC council strike team. in connection with this, may I humbly request again sir if you could put this ING: ZimBA
    he is also one of our active and loyal player.

    Thank you very much and More fruitful years to RF PLAYCRUSH!

    truly yours

    ACC-ING: RevelatioN
  7. Martin
    GMs still testing
  8. Creatorly
    is this server still up? played here before all the defcon mumbo jumbo
  9. kantot101
    kantot101 Martin
    sir can get more bang my account?
    because if I have events that someday !!
  10. kantot101
    kantot101 Martin
    I just know I reverted my account???
  11. kantot101
    kantot101 Martin
    sir news not restore my account!!

    I'm really gp have gone after me block my account, perhaps the mistakes you sir ..
    I'm sorry I'm not mistaken me back to my account please T-T
  12. riehay1
    riehay1 Martin
    Sir Martin Why my Gold point.. is 0.. how can i get it back?? please help...
  13. Martin
  14. code1993
    code1993 Martin
    sir y we can't buy nuke in acc? how many nuke per day we ken buy??
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  15. annieron123
    annieron123 [GM] STEALTH
    i always GOT DC ...why ?
  16. maseduz
    maseduz Martin
    Sir may nag palit po ng FG ko Pa balik po yung Email ko po [email protected] Larong laro na ako
  17. blackpaper26
    blackpaper26 ArcenaL
    GM can u put Strike Team ACC IGN:Ferb Thanks
  18. Kanzeki
    TF middle of CW and maintenance???
  19. riehay1
    riehay1 ArcenaL
    Gm can U set me as Supp Team cora here IGN: MariaJuana thanks
    1. ArcenaL
      ask your race leader to file a ticket sir
      Mar 6, 2017
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    2. riehay1
      He said He Already post an a tread ^_^ BTW thanks in Advance
      Mar 7, 2017
  20. Martin
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