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New Profile Posts

  1. Martin
  2. code1993
    code1993 Martin
    sir y we can't buy nuke in acc? how many nuke per day we ken buy??
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  3. annieron123
    annieron123 [GM] STEALTH
    i always GOT DC ...why ?
  4. maseduz
    maseduz Martin
    Sir may nag palit po ng FG ko Pa balik po yung Email ko po [email protected] Larong laro na ako
  5. blackpaper26
    blackpaper26 ArcenaL
    GM can u put Strike Team ACC IGN:Ferb Thanks
  6. Kanzeki
    TF middle of CW and maintenance???
  7. riehay1
    riehay1 ArcenaL
    Gm can U set me as Supp Team cora here IGN: MariaJuana thanks
    1. ArcenaL
      ask your race leader to file a ticket sir
      Mar 6, 2017
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    2. riehay1
      He said He Already post an a tread ^_^ BTW thanks in Advance
      Mar 7, 2017
  8. Martin
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  9. Martin
    Server online
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  10. Martin
    Fixed trash loot price
  11. Martin
    We are checking this problem
  12. Martin
    Server online
  13. crazy123
    crazy123 Martin
    sir what is the materials for relict hell song?..I already have 40 coupon of relict hell song but when I tried to combine it in HERO it says there incorrect..i put 40 coupon of relict hell song and PVP hell song but incorrect..am I doing right?
  14. dwaytehl
    wow when is the update?
    1. ArcenaL
      its still uncertain because the conflict was from the old server

      but we now working on it especially our dev-owners...

      we will announce an update as soon as there will be one
      Feb 19, 2017
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  15. johnpaulpogi
    johnpaulpogi Martin
    Melee Can't use Lau Set ? >.<
  16. Martin
    Server online
  17. maseduz
    maseduz Martin
    Sir Martin pa Help po may nag palit po ng FG ko hnd ko mabalik pa help po Hnd ako mapag laro :(
  18. Martin
    Make threat with proofs
  19. jemm
    jemm Martin
    sir is RT pots is Working?
  20. DakilangEzra
    DakilangEzra Martin
    Sir martin need you help plss i accidentally sell my +5 energy spear at NPC :9 can you help me plss sir