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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Martin, Jan 2, 2017.

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  1. Martin

    Martin Administrator Staff Member

    First of all our team want to wish you a very happy new year =)

    The announcement will be made up of two parts: the announcement of the coming changes to the existing server, and the announcement of a new server.


    On the current server. In the near future there will be the following changes:
    1. Rank Up Scrolls will be available from the NPC for 5000 GP (TBD)
    2. During the excavation of ore after each CW you have chance to dig a box which contains one of the Rank Up Scrolls.
    3. Resources for crafting Rank Up Scrolls will be available in the processing of ore
    4. Demolis Bag will be available in the Elf Lands


    RF v1.5 GRAND DEFCON 2.2.5

    During January-February 2017, we have a plan to launch a new alpha test low rate Server 2.2.5 Grand Defcon.
    Trying not to depart from the official cannon of the game, we plan to introduce the following changes:

    1. Costumes. In the inventory, you will find a new tab, where you can dress costume items. These items will change the look of your character, but will not replace the basic parameters or items in the inventory. Besides changing the look the costumes makes possible to receive a small additional bonus. What it looks like you can see in this video

    2. New items. In addition to old items added a lot of new, thanks to which the game become more interesting. We have kept the old items, as they were originally, and added new ones, which differ in the level, parameters and the number of possible improvements. While the usual items you can only improve with talics, new items can be improved with the rank, grade and level, so now you do not have to spend a lot of time, so farm yourself a new item or wait for the new levels. You can increase the level of the existing items and thus increase its damage or defense.

    3. New traders. From new traders, you can buy resources to improve the ranking, grade and level of your items. Also, you will find vendors selling costume items for PvP points, boxes with weapons, armor and jewelry for different levels, as well as specialize NPC for RL and councils.

    4. New drop from mobs. From any mob will drop the items, which will be able to use your character, so you can forget about situations when after killing PB or normal mob you pick up items for the characters of other races. Just besides the usual loot mobs can drop out of the box with new items. These items may be at any level with any parameters. In particular, you can get out of this box immediately superior object, which will have some level of rank and/or grade. Also there is no need to constantly run to the NPC and sell booty items, because from every mob you will receive the money. The stronger the opponent is the more money you get for it.

    5. Combo skills. Using the usual skills the character can get the opportunity to perform a combo skill. These combo skills have their own rollback and a chance to operate and do not depend on the main character's skills. In addition, they are a little stronger than usual skills.

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  2. CrushEyes

    CrushEyes Concept Developer/Web Admin Staff Member

    New Gaming Experience.
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