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DPS'ing Inside The Chip

Discussion in 'Game Discussions' started by dahwin1, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. dahwin1

    dahwin1 New Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    GM's here keep saying that DPS'ing inside the chip is bannable.

    Anyways, I caught some of them! I hope the GM's here will give them the RIGHT PUNISHMENT for the offense they commited!

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  2. gaspeed22

    gaspeed22 New Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    This is funny though. I fimd thisnpost ironic
  3. Arcas

    Arcas Moderator Staff Member

    Hello, thank you for this report.
    I don't know who said it but, We don't have any rules regarding this. There's nothing we can do FOR NOW. That's how RF Online made the CHIP. There's no terrain bug or glitch being done here. I think that's why other servers change the Chip skin to avoid this. But, we like to keep the "default" thingy. Don't worry, everything will be discussed. thank you
  4. missuplada09

    missuplada09 New Member

    Server IGN's: Race

  5. CrushEyes

    CrushEyes Concept Developer Staff Member

    Possible solution:

    change Chip Texture
    but players will download again a patch.

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