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Drop List

Discussion in 'Game Info' started by CrushEyes, May 31, 2016.

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  1. CrushEyes

    CrushEyes Concept Developer Staff Member

    Monsters Drop List:


    Wing = cling
    Flym = cling
    Young Flym = cling

    cling sell rate: 4-5,000,000 99 pieces

    Money Farm Spot 1


    Caliana atrock = gli only
    Caliana crew = gli only
    Caliana archers = gli only
    Assasin Builder B = gli only
    hobo mobs = gli only
    passer beta = gli only

    Money Farm Spot 2


    Infernal_Demolis = gli + model coupons
    Infernal_Lava = gli + model coupons
    Fever_Lapis = gli + model coupons
    Infernal_Grumble = gli + model coupons
    Volide = gli + model coupons
    Great Curr and Curr = gli + model coupons

    gli sell rate: default x 5

    Elf Land:

    All Resources to upgrade item rank damage. (absolute damage)

    PB Drop List

    HQ, settlements, VC, Ether

      • Default drops
      • +100 gp

    Default drops
    +5000 gold points
    HDH elementals (random)

    Sette PB

    Default drops
    +5000 gold points


    +5000 and 10,000 gp


    +5000 and 10,000 gp and T6 gems

    Dimension dungeons

    Sealed PB
    +5000 GP +10,000 GP +15,000 GP
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