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GM Stealth and his Gold Timer on 8v8 Event

Discussion in 'Flame Wars' started by yoursister2, Jul 16, 2016.

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  1. yoursister2

    yoursister2 New Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    Why is your timer seems to be so fast? what's the rush? from 5:20 4 mins left and now at 5:22 time is already out? where's the 2 mins? are you even using timer or stopwatch? no offense and i dont favor those teams but i think you need to host it correctly and be transparent.you even let cora kill those watchers on other race to know that cora already owned the chess map,not fair sir :) no trashtalk included,just telling what we have observed lately.

    And on the second match,5:31 is the mark time of the battle start,but you said 5mins left at 5:34? OH MY GOD sir what timer you have there? please host it correctly,we are sensing some bias in here with your event.i hope admins will review with those i know for you it is just a little issue but still an issue is an issue,pls fix your self and your event GM Stealth

    5:31 Start of the Event
    5:37 End of the Event via the timer ? so where's the 10mins event with that?
  2. Northstar009

    Northstar009 New Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    This is sad sir.. :( i feel ya.
  3. ArcenaL

    ArcenaL Friendly Staff Staff Member

    Closing thread.. this is far from months ago...
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