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Discussion in 'Game Info' started by CrushEyes, Dec 3, 2016.

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  1. CrushEyes

    CrushEyes Concept Developer Staff Member

    Rare model weapon and armor have a new parameter - "attack durability". You can see it in the item info as 0/2000.
    More durability = stronger item(damage or def)
    This is a PERMANENT and ABSOLUTE damage or defense.






    DURABILITY = This is a additional attack not item life span, it gives permanent additional damage or defense
    we can't change this name because of CLIENT RESTRICTION.

    Increasing of weapon durability increase damage quantity.
    increasing of armor part durability improve defense quantity.


    sometimes you will experienced visual bug 2000/2000 durability, don't panic just relog.

    Armor and weapon durability can be increased using new scrolls that you can combine in HERO npc
    To make this scroll you need to collect resources:

    • Demolis Bag. Can be obtained from Infernal Demolis in Cauldron caves.
    • Elven Claw. Can be obtained from Dark Elf Gunners in Elf Lands.
    • Elven Straight. Can be obtained from Dark Elf Bersekers in Elf Lands.
    • Elven Protection. Can be obtained from Dark Elf Shield Guard, Cremul Snatcher Battalion Commander or High Elf Warlock in Elf Land.
    • Elven Rage. Can be obtained from Dark Elf demolishers or Dark Elf Assassins in Elf Lands.

    After you got needed resources you need to put them in HERO item combination panel

    • 99 Demolis Bag
    • 99 Elven Claw
    • 99 Elven Streight
    • 99 Elven Protection
    • 99 Elven Rage.
    To combine it you need to have 10 000 000 money.
    After combination you will get Helmet, Upper, Lower, Shoes, Gauntlet or Weapon Rank Up Scroll (RANDOM)
    when you used this scroll it increase durability of item that you wear. Combination fail chance is equal to 4% only and your item will not be destroyed when it fails..

    Scroll Usage Success Rate:
    The Higher Durability you have the lower the success rate will be..
    When your Reach 1000/2000 durability, the success rate will only be 49.8% an so on..

    Every scroll = +5 Durability.

    Combination of making RARE modeled items.

    To make rare modeled weapon you need to combine:
    • 1 weapon with common model
    • 20 same pieces of rare weapon model coupon
    • 50 000 000 money

    To make rare (colormix) modeled armor part you need to combine:
    • 1 armor part with imperial model
    • 4 same pieces of rare(colormix) armor model coupon
    • 10 000 000 money.


    Rare model coupons are added to drop list on Hum BaBa and Giant Baba in VC location with drop chance of 15%.

    Mau can get the additional attack from durability of any rare model weapons.

    MAU RIDER can get bonus from

    armor (defense)
    mau attack chip
    mau bless
    gold mau bless
    weapon(RARE) with durability

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