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Leveling Guide

Discussion in 'Game Info' started by Arcas, Oct 5, 2016.

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  1. Arcas

    Arcas Moderator Staff Member

    Hello everyone!

    Play Crush's Leveling Guide for dummies! ;):p

    All you need is Level 1 armor and Weapon provided as you create your character.

    Level up until level 49 on your HQ's, Outpost and Settlements
    also, farm as much as 180M Dallant/Disena/Cp on AB's for Items needed later.

    Here's a Level 49-55 guide on leveling "Solo" in our server.
    Items and mobs (and raiders) are on the video. Don't forget to watch in HD.

    **Used Cora Mage for faster DPS
    ***Can be used on all race/class
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