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Model Combination GUIDE*

Discussion in 'Game Info' started by ArcenaL, Sep 15, 2016.

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  1. ArcenaL

    ArcenaL Friendly Staff Staff Member

    Model Combination GUIDE*

    Models are made for players who loves uncommon stylish skin texture of their PVP Armors and PVP Weapons...

    You can Combine this Models to the Hero NPC with the materials needed...

    Weapon Model Combination materials:

    Model Weapon + PVP Weapon
    Model Armor + Glorious Armor

    Provided that the model type is same as the weapon type (staff model + PVP Staff) and (Gloves Model + Glorious Glove)
    You can Also combine a PVP Weapon and Glorious Armor with or W/o an Upgrade but make sure the PVP Weapon or the Glorious Armor has 7 slots.., If its less of 7 slots then you can buy a Special Slot Extender in the Hero NPC...
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