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The Crystal Mob

Discussion in 'Game Info' started by CrushEyes, Nov 1, 2016.

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  1. CrushEyes

    CrushEyes Concept Developer Staff Member

    The new Crystal Mob System

    The wait is near crushers...
    We are now releasing the new Crystal Mob to add more hype, excitement, enjoyment, thrill, new item farm system and most importantly more PVP

    We added a mob called Crystal at Crag mine map..
    This is for new model item and other important materials farm area and pvp .

    This Crystal Mob is scattered outside the core, you can use PB scanner to scan those crystals.

    Yellow Crystals = ACC
    Blue Crystals = Belato
    Purple Crystals = Cora

    Notice will appear every Last 5, 2 and 1 minutes.

    This mob is characterized with 3 different types that are corresponds to the 3 race..
    Every 1 hour, the Crystal mob generate 4 random item including new model pieces that are used to combine to create the model of the race it corresponds..
    The catch is you can manipulate the crystal's racial face by hitting them to turn them into your own race...

    This mob is none moving mob...
    Defending the mobs is a must as to other race may take its race face to benefit its drops...
    Taking and guarding as many Crystal mob increases your chance of looting model piece item and other interesting loots..

    For improvement and update..
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  2. CrushEyes

    CrushEyes Concept Developer Staff Member

    New Mob

    Location: Center of Crag Mine
    OFF During CW Time


    • T5 & T6
    • money piece
    • gold capsule (1-30 GP)
    • Advanced Un-manned MineTool
    • talics (random)
    • gold capsule (3000-10000 GP)
    • new common weapon model piece
    • new Imperial armor piece
    • potato, chocolate, summon and teleport potions, cure and freedom potions.
    • Rare weapon model piece
    • ColorMix armor piece
    • Unique weapon model coupon

    Every 60 minutes every crystal generates 4 items on the ground according to crystal race.
    Protect the crystals your owned and gather more crystals to get more drops.
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  3. maseduz

    maseduz New Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    How to make new Model Weapon
    and Armor
  4. alswill

    alswill New Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    is this still in game?
  5. DelDee

    DelDee GM/VANGUARD Staff Member

  6. alswill

    alswill New Member

    Server IGN's: Race

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