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Discussion in 'Flame Wars' started by Wendz, Jul 10, 2016.

  1. julesviz

    julesviz New Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    too much toxic guilds in ACC :>
  2. nukz

    nukz Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    point it! xD
  3. balongwafo

    balongwafo Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    U guyz know acc too many hard headed, steel head, no heart & too greedy about CB -_- , did u guyz remember when HIKOG RL? few acc's only listening and following during CW , we did our best to help the race but other acc's don't want it. They keep QQ'ing RL and me (Freedom <- ) about CW eee were active and always attending cw even were few, but why they dont QQ on inactive councils -_- . all i can say is too many " be the be the " on acc. except those GUILD's helping the race to rise.

    #PEACE ALL -Freedom
  4. taburken123

    taburken123 New Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    SWARM the guild w/out dignity? :D
  5. thermaltake

    thermaltake New Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    defining them as toxic is one sided opinion. naiintindihan ko nman na nung W.A.T time na gusto talaga nila daznuk na buhayin ACC non, ala sila paki kahit gumasta sila ng $$$ sa CB pra maka kuha lang ng win. but first of all, nag eenjoy kba sa gameplay nyo non? gusto lang dps from 100-0 chip? let me tell you. this is a PVP server! we didn't play here just to dps chip, we're here to pvp with 2 race and we don't care kahit sod3 for a week pa. it's too damn boring kung dps chip lang + kung ganun lang gagawin natin eh nag laro pa tayo sa "PVP server", e ung bells non d nman lumalaban on full pop, instead nag rarace hop sila, tapos pag na snipe acc ignore pero pag cora na snipe wanted pa. command and leadership ke daznuk ala problema, ung dps 100-0 lang ang 0/5 for me, sorry pero nkaka boring tlga. (sorry sa mahabang paliwanag)

    No unity on SBS? I don't think so. tingin ko dyan para yang me sword kayo na di nyo alam pano gamitin. check retri times. tanungin retribution kung me conflict sila ng SBS? ang gusto nyo kasi zerging, e SBS is a tactical gaming, ano ginawa ng retri? sila nag adjust, and figure how to use it as a advantage. ano kinalabasan? wins + lot of pvp action. edi masaya lhat. pinag lalaban nyo kase ung gusto nyong gameplay, e ano nangyayari? pataasan lang ng ihi... learn how to adjust, wag ung ipilit ung gusto mo lang.

    lumipat na KOR,LC,Obli :( akala ko mkakasama ko na ulit sila. atleast we had fun times, kahit saglit lang:(:(:(
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2016
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  6. Asteria

    Asteria Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    GTX for RL :D
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  7. enick07

    enick07 New Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    SBS tactical gaming? 1 party of sbs including d present raceleader, killing all farming acc at ether=oh thats one way to unite the acc race.sbs members destroying umt just for the fun of it,they wer at it laughing and we cant do anything about it cause they wer sbs members,and even stealt was there and still no action..oh and sbs members rarely come out of hq and when they do,they like killing their on race instead of coras and bells lol..those guys have zero respect,and ive seen it first hand..
    the problem is, these sbs guys dont understand is not all players are donators and other players just like me have to keep up.and order to keep up we must play hard.and if you guys just want to make it more harder for us,then you are no ally of ours.and we wont follow a sh1t you say..cause i never seen such dick players ever in all my recent rf servers..oh yes you are paying $ for the server,but evntually you wont,if there will b no more players left to play with..and i suspect they have a gm shop mate,ala eh malalakas loob nila eh,ay nko siya.like they own the server or something..
    its just a game,but some of us play it with honor and respect and you guys have non of it..
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  8. Pikachu

    Pikachu Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    sbs are noobs, they dont follow anyone they have their own tiny mind :D
  9. thermaltake

    thermaltake New Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    I totally agree. hahahaha! can't argue with that. SBS is a selfish guild no doubt about it. but there's one thing I can clarify, wala pong backup GM ang SBS, kaya di po masaway ng gm yan kasi sakop ng "kasama sa laro" ung ginagawa nila. GM can only take action pag 3rd party, o threat na makakasira sa server. pero ung trippin sa UMT, killing acc sa ether "part of the game un". i'm a SBS pero di po lahat ganun. me mga member na nang susuway din po. BTW since umalis na LC,ekup,swarm, pag nag SSPB,PB po nag paparty leader loots na SBS para ma ka loot na iba, believe it or not.

    they don't follow coz they have a reason too. ngaun ang acc is free from them, tingin ko magiging maayus na yan. "i think" hahaha
  10. kimkimk1m

    kimkimk1m Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    Time to update this thread..
  11. Celexa

    Celexa New Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    seems legit. nyahah
  12. hambie01

    hambie01 New Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    +1, ACCs were down, stood up, been down again, now rising up again.

    I dont agree with "Good Leadership BRINGS NO UNITY" I never had any problems with ACC in our 1 month of stay there before.

    In my opinion, way way back, it's just that Lucieth is from SBS, and majority of the race hates SBS. HAHA! That's why they ain't giving any shits HAHA! but still I love SBS for being authentic players, kupal nga lang HAHAHA. And yes I admit, I did adjust for SBS, and used their "kakupalan" as an advantage for the race. You just need that huge amount of patience in the beginning. Maybe we just both met on the point of "WE HATE PURE DPS CHIP CW" so I let guilds roam/block/kill other races during CW, but just make sure "magsabi" and pag mag SSNIPE "WAG IIYAK pag binawian" and lastly stick with the race, move as one, pvp as one, when chip reaches crucial percentage.

    Comparing ACC to CORA (2months ago) ACC is way easier to handle, and way funnier to be with. " Kailangan lang sakyan ang lahat, at kunin ang puso "

    I Miss ACC, but as a guild we cannot go back anymore due to internal team issues. :D

    Goodluck ACC race! #BangonDeLata

    Last edited: Oct 10, 2016
  13. Celexa

    Celexa New Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    I really respect u as a guild leader. no boasting members we all know u guys got zerg but u deserve respect than others guilds just saying.
  14. onewjinki

    onewjinki New Member

    Server IGN's: Race

    You're more toxic, iykwim. Haha! :D Anyway, you're not accretia anymore. *Flies away*

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