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Update logs 06/17/2016

Discussion in 'Updates' started by Martin, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Martin

    Martin Administrator Staff Member

    • Fixed combination of Guild Laucher coupon.
    • Fixed combination with changing PvP weapon model.
    • Changed the description on PvP weapon model coupon.
    • Fix bug in race transfer service
    • Added base class change potion
    • To PvP point NPC and cash shop added MAU booster
    • Now you can change your Relict armor model to default with the help of Default Relict Armor Model item, which can be bought in Gold pig NPC
    • Now you can return initial item model with the help on Restore Item Model Stone, which can be bought in Gold pig NPC
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  2. Play

    Play Administrator Staff Member

    Dear players server going to MT mode strat from 8:30AM. Maintance duration 1 Hour, goal is checking logs,optimizing database and seting up update.
    More about update a little later once server up.
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  3. Play

    Play Administrator Staff Member

    MT Done server up! Have a good game.

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