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Update Logs 11/1/2016

Discussion in 'Updates' started by CrushEyes, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. CrushEyes

    CrushEyes Concept Developer/Web Admin Staff Member

    Part 1 Update Logs:
    • Fixed damage on level 55 intense throwing knife
    • Fixed damage of one hand mace. Now it is equal to knife damage
    • Perfect generator deleted
    • Ore amount increased
    • Recall and Summon potion problem Fixed
    • Guild Limit exceeded Fixed

    New Mob >> INFO

    Location: Crag Mine
    Off During CW


    • T5 & T6
    • money piece
    • gold capsule (1-30 GP)
    • Advanced Un-manned MineTool
    • talics (random)
    • gold capsule (3000-10000 GP)
    • new common weapon model piece
    • new Imperial armor piece
    • potato, chocolate, summon and teleport potions, cure and freedom potions.
    • Rare weapon model piece
    • ColorMix armor piece
    • Unique weapon model coupon

    Every 60 minutes every crystal generates 4 items on the ground according to crystal race. (A,B,C crystals)

    New items in Gold pig:

    • Gold capsules (to convert GP in to bigger amount)
    • Common weapon model piece (need 40 pieces to make weapon with new model)
    • Imperial armor model piece (need 8 pieces to make armor with new model)
    • Recall support team potion >>> INFO (BETA TEST)
    • MAU generator that increase MAU attack to 20% (RENTED 3 DAYS)
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  2. CrushEyes

    CrushEyes Concept Developer/Web Admin Staff Member

    Part 2 Update Logs: (Soon)

    • Unique Model On cash shop for Donate points.
    • New Launcher (Tentative)

    Change log for Part 1 Patch
    • CPT Reset
    • Crystal war Disabled Temporary (Developing for improvements)
    • Emoticon Panel Deleted with Encryption Key System
    • Fixed booster glow
    • Fixed delay of Recal support team potion
    • Imperial and ColorMix armor added to race transfer potion list
    • Common, Rare and Unique weapon added to race transfer potion list
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  3. Martin

    Martin Administrator Staff Member

    Common weapon

    Rare weapon

    Unique weapon

    Imperial armor

    ColorMix armor
  4. Martin

    Martin Administrator Staff Member

    Stealth potions and detect charm returned to NPC
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