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Update Logs 6/9/2016

Discussion in 'Updates' started by CrushEyes, Jun 9, 2016.

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  1. CrushEyes

    CrushEyes Concept Developer/Web Admin Staff Member

    OBT Update Logs:
    • New System for Mau >> Read here <<
    • Gunner combo skills Already Improved Before OBT
    • Symphaty charm improved for balance purposes
    • T5 gems added on talic collector 20k gold money each
    • Max Gold money is 2B
    • Cauldron mobs trash drops decreased
    • Assasin builder A gli increased and trash drop decreased
    • added +100 gp on strayer PB sette
    • Elan PB Re spawn time set to 30 hours (rock jaw, taraven, blink, caliana, soul, 3D still default time)
    • SOD remover added on chip and npc for gold point (lvl 1 = 1k lvl 2 = 2k lvl 3 = 3k)
    • HP of chip increased
    • Glorious Armor and PVP weapon relocated on Temple of Honor NPC
    • +5000 GP drop on chip and HSK increased
    • Ore+1+2 = T5 gems changed to T6 gems
    • 10% HP Increase (Correction Explanation: we have character HP. it depends basicaly on player level, pt and class bonus hp. I increase class bonus HP on 30%, but in game it give only 10% HP to player.)
    • Race Transfer Potion is now available
    • Mau bless set to 10% from 20% for balance purposes.
    • upgrade system improved (talic reset +2 to +3 to +4 down to 45% before rate is 95%)
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