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Updates Logs 8/30/2016

Discussion in 'Updates' started by Reed, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. Reed

    Reed Game Master

    Alternaitve Farm spot for Gli
    Trash loots removed.
    HP/Def/Attack Parameters some of VC mob's is now same to caliana's
    1. Couldron Farming Spot
      • Ash = gli only
      • Burn Ash = gli only
      • Volite = gli only
      • Granite_Block= gli only
      • HeavyScud = gli only
    2. Changed parameters to caliana atrock/crew
      • Ash(AceD)
      • Burn_Ash(Champion_D)
      • Volide(Champion_D) Volite
      • Infernal_Demolis(Champion_D)
      • Infernal_Lava(Champion_D)
      • Fever_Lapis(Champion_D)
      • Infernal_Grumble(Champion_D)
      • HeavyScud(AceD)
    3. Changed parameters to caliana archers
      • GreatKurr(AceD)
      • Granite_Block(Champion_D)
    4. Removed Beast Mountain to Cauldron entrance and exit all players must go to sette and buy stone.
    5. Hunt Flem event turning off during CW.
    6. Monster and PB drop turned off during CW.
    7. Added and Improved New Server Gates for SEA players.
    Take note: Without Patch You cant Enter The Game.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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